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Previous Winners

Read more about the past three editions of The RAPID Challenge 

Previous Winners

The RAPID Challenge Final 2021

 The RAPID Challenge returned in 2021 and it is clear that each year the Challenge is growing and improving. The standard has been very high and each of the Finalists this year had incredible innovations. The Final saw ACUA Ocean, Paige and eXyo Design present to a live audience and we also heard from the previous two winners of The RAPID Challenge. Read more about the Finalists in a story by Develop3D, the media partner for The RAPID Challenge. 

2021 Winner

ACUA Ocean

The winner of The RAPID Challenge 2021 was ACUA Ocean who are developing a hydrogen-powered autonomous marine vessel. It will be capable of operating for up to 70 days offshore for applications such as sea bed mapping.


2021 Runner Up


Runner up of The RAPID Challenge 2021 was Paige.  Creators a low-cost multi-line braille reading device. Today, braille reading devices are expensive and single line meaning they can't be used for content such as music or graphs. The Paige reader enables users to access a wide range of content at a much lower cost.


2021 Runner Up

eXyo Design

The runner up of The RAPID Challenge 2021 was eXyo Design. Their gamified balance training system enables people vulnerable to falls, to train and receive therapy in an engaging way without the need for assistance. This not only reduces falls but also large costs to the NHS.


Previous Winners

The RAPID Challenge Final 2020

During a spectacularly unusual year, The RAPID Challenge progressed with a full programme and produced 3 high quality finalists, having been through the workshop and interview stages to reach the Final. For understanable reasons the Final was hosted online and saw Cosi Care, Airhead and Benetalk present their businesses and projects to a global audiance. Read more about the Final in a story by Develop3D, the media partner for The RAPID Challenge.

2020 Winner

Cosi Care

The winner of The RAPID Challenge 2020 was Cosi Care. Their aim is to transform the lives of children suffering from eczema by breaking the itch scratch cycle. To do this they are developing cooling devices that relieve the itch sensation and help prevent skin breaks which can lead to infection.

Cosi Care logo Solid.jpg

2020 Runner Up


Runner up of The RAPID Challenge 2020 was Airhead.  Creators of a face mask like no other. Designed to have a perfect seal around the face, replaceable 'skin' covers and a hinged opening, the mask features numerous innovations. They have raised over £300k in funding through Kickstarter and are moving swiftly on to delivery. 

Airhead Logo - High resolution.png

2020 Runner Up


Runner up of The RAPID Challenge 2020 was Benetalk. They have developed a speech therapy system for people who stutter using a wearable band device which tracks breathing and provide feedback. Benetalk's mission is to make speech therapy more available. 


Previous Winners

The RAPID Challenge Final 2019

The inaugural RAPID Challenge saw the applicants take part in a workshop, submit business plans and take part in interviews. The three finalists then took to the stage in the Prodrive Motorsport heritage centre to present their projects and business plans in front of an audience of investors and interested parties. In addition, the Final featured a project display area from the business throughout the RAPID Challenge journey.  See below a profile of the three Finalists: 

2019 Winner


The winner of the inaugural RAPID Challenge was EAV (Electric Assisted Vehicles). Their aim is to revolutionise the way urban deliveries are managed through a new generation of zero emissions vehicles.​

Since the Final, EAV have begun delivering vehicles to DPD who have included EAVs as part of their vehicle line up.


2019 Runner Up

Actuation Lab

Runner up of The RAPID Challenge is Actuation Lab.  Creators of the composite linear actuator designed to withstand the toughest of environmental pressures in applications where reliability and safety is key. 

Since the Final, Actuation Lab have been awarded a large Innovate UK grant to commercialise their technology and develop products ready for industrial trials

Actuation Lab.jpg

2019 Runner Up


Runner up of The RAPID Challenge is Njori. They have developed an induction cooking device enabling the user to have greater control and accuracy whilst cooking all with a simple and intuative user interface.

Njori Logo.jfif

How to enter? 

If you are looking to take part in The RAPID Challenge, learn more about the entry criteria on the application page:

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