To apply to The RAPID Challenge, fill in the application form below. Successful applicants that have reached the next stage will be informed.


Application Criteria

To be eligible to apply to The RAPID Challenge, you must comply with the required criteria seen below. Entries with the desirable attributes are more likely to progress in the challenge. By submitting an application, you confirm that you comply with the entry criteria. 

Required Criteria

Be a disruptive hardware project

Have a sustainable business strategy

Based in the UK

Pre-revenue or up to £1M annual revenue

No more than 10 employees

Desirable attributes

A proof of concept / prototype

Demonstrate the potential for commercialisation within 12 months

Have the potential to or have obtained IP


Application Video

As part of the application, we ask that you submit a short video.


The application video is your opportunity to tell us about your project, what makes it special and what impact it will have. This is the ideal chance to demonstrate your prototype if you have one. We will use the video to assess your project and gain insight into the founder / team.

You should aim to include information about your project and introduce your team. We will not be assessing production quality, the video is about conveying your idea. We are not expecting a studio production, a camera phone video is perfectly acceptable. Please ensure your video is no longer than 3 minutes.

We encourage applicants to use a video hosting platform such as Youtube and to provide a link in the application form. We won't be able to accept a video entry via any alternative methods.

The Next Steps

To reach the next stage of the Challenge please fill in the following business plan template

Should you reach the next stage of the Challenge, you will be notified by email.

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